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Global Student pool

Learn with students from all over the world, which allows you to immerse yourself in different cultures in the classroom.

Flexible Timings

We work in different time zones and are here to serve you around the clock, seven days a week.

Small Batches

We emphasize group activities and discussions and maintain the strength of the batch at a moderate level.

Free International Exam Training

TLH offers you free preparation for the international exams for instance Goethe Zertifikat, DELE, DELF, JLPT and TOPIK.


Trusted by Hundred of Students

Vipin TLH
Vipin B Senior QA Engineer, MindDoc, Berlin, Germany

TLH has small groups with just a few members to make sure there's enough attention to each student. They ensure we have the basics right and we all have a very fun and interactive class each day.

Dhruti TLH
Dhruti Shah Software Engineer, Wayfair DE, Berlin, Germany

At TLH you get your basic grammar right. The speaking exercises are extremely helpful to get a grip of the language.

Bitan Malik MS, Electrical Engineering, TU Dresden, Germany

My mentors are very friendly, technically up to date, and well organized. The on-line course format fits well with students, workers, and language enthusiasts.

Ashit Gaur ASIC Analog Design Engineer, Bosch, Reutlingen, Germany

I completed my German language training here to B1 level, and based on my experience, the trainers are unquestionably among the best German teachers. Their teaching method is engaging and interactive.

Shrindhi Meti Electrical and Embedded Systems, RWU Hochschule, Germany

The Faculties go above and beyond to ensure that we fully get the grammar concepts through visual representations. They offer a choice of scheduling options, as well as high-quality materials at an affordable cost.

Ajinkya Patil TLH
Ajinkya Patil Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Hochschule Hof, Germany

The classes are structured & very easy to follow and understand. They are also available around the clock, which is an advantage for me as someone who has missed some sessions due to my university.

Prathamesh Patil Mechanical Engineering & Management, TU Hamburg, Germany

The courses are inexpensive, simple to follow, and packed with useful knowledge. TLH is recommended if you want to take a solid German course.

Sunil Kardam Supply Chain & Logistics - Analytics Head, Gramener

I have been fortunate enough for being associated with ‘TLH’, for that the faculty there is super accessible and always ready to go beyond usual classes, to support the learning.

Saroj Debanth TLH
Saroj Debnath Mechatronics und Robotics, FH Schmalkalden, Germany

What I like about The Language House is that I don't have to memorise everything; instead, I can understand the meaning of a term or a new grammar rule by the uniquie teaching methodologies.

Students From All Over The World

How does IELTS work?

This test comprises of four modules, passing which your proficiency level will be determined.

This module requires you to answer 40 questions. It is designed to test you on a diverse range of reading skills. You would have to read for details, logical arguments, skimming, writer’s opinions, intentions and so on. This skill test lasts for 60 mins.

The duration for the writing module is 60 mins and comprises of two tasks. It covers topics of general interest.

In this module, you will have to listen to four recordings of native speakers and you are then expected to answer the questions asked. The duration for this skill test is 30 mins.

The speaking module comprises of three parts and lasts 11-14 minutes. This is a face to face interaction and all the responses are recorded.

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