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Our IELTS course is designed in such a way that one can crack IELTS exam and score high in one go. IELTS provides a profile of a candidate’s English proficiency. This test has 4 modules : Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. IELTS is one of the most widely accepted international exams.

What is IELTS?

IELTS is an abbreviation for International English Language Training System. It is the world’s most popular high-stakes English language proficiency test that assesses your English language skills. If you wish to pursue studies or work in a foreign country, whose first and official language is English, it is necessary to assure and prove your proficiency in the language to the university admission officers and visa officers. IELTS is mandatory for those planning to immigrate to an english speaking country. Migration authorities in Australia, Canada, New zealand, US and the United Kingdom use IELTS in the immigration process. Anyone above the age of 16 years is eligible to take this test.

How does IELTS work?

This test comprises of four modules, passing which your proficiency level will be determined.

In this module, you will have to listen to four recordings of native speakers and you are then expected to answer the questions asked. The duration for this skill test is 30 mins.

This module requires you to answer 40 questions. It is designed to test you on a diverse range of reading skills. You would have to read for details, logical arguments, skimming, writer’s opinions, intentions and so on. This skill test lasts for 60 mins.

The duration for the writing module is 60 mins and comprises of two tasks. It covers topics of general interest.

The speaking module comprises of three parts and lasts 11-14 minutes. This is a face to face interaction and all the responses are recorded.

Why Choose The Language House?

For those who are worried about the preparation of IELTS and need help with it, The Language House is the best IELTS coaching classes in Mumbai. With the help of best tutors, digital aids and interactive, communicative and productive methods of teaching, The Language House facilitates you with the best IELTS coaching classes in Mumbai.

The well versed and experienced tutors aim at complete growth and excellence of their students. You will be provided with all the study material, one on one interactive classes with full coverage of the IELTS syllabus and regular sample tests in accordance with the exam duration to help you be well- prepared for the same. The Language House is always at the mercy of those who seek learning and hence always available to help you make the right choices. In case you have any query or wish to know more, contact their representatives now and enroll yourselves for guaranteed success.

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