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The Language House also offers online courses. We’ve designed our Korean courses in a way that students get intrigued to learn more and more about the Language.  Our online courses are designed specially for working professionals and students who are not able to make it for classes in a brick and mortar kind of institute.

Korean Courses offered

  • Intensive Course : 10 Weeks
  • Super Intensive Course : 5 Weeks
  • Weekend Course : 12 Weeks

  • Intensive Course : 10 Weeks
  • Super Intensive Course : 5 Weeks
  • Weekend Course : 12 Weeks

  • Intensive Course : 12 Weeks
  • Super Intensive Course : 6 Weeks
  • Weekend Course : 16 Weeks

  • Intensive Course : 10 Weeks
  • Super Intensive Course : 6 Weeks
  • Weekend Course : 15 Week

  • Intensive Course : 8 Weeks
  • Super Intensive Course : 4 Weeks
  • Weekend Course : 16 weeks

  • Intensive Course : 16 Weeks

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advantages of learning Korean:

Why should you learn Korean?

80 Million Native Speakers

Korean is the 17th most widely spoken language in the world with approximately 80 Million native speakers or perhaps more. This only gives you more people to talk and connect with if you know korean.

Prospects of Studies

Studying in Korea is not just about the fascination of studying in a foreign country that has gained popularity now but it's affordable too. Study says that the number of international students studying in Korea has only hiked year after year. Most universities and institutions offer a wide array of courses from Undergraduate and Masters degree to even PhD.


K-pop, K-Drama, K-Movies. Even the abbreviations are enough for the wildfire that the Korean entertainment has created. This industry has taken the internet by the storm. It's fun, it's easy to watch, it's addictive and it's everywhere. You cannot unsee it even if you want to because the love and the passion that people now have is infectious. People are going gaga over Korean songs, dramas and movies, which is also why many consider learning Korean; to sing and understand the songs without the help of lyrics and to understand the movies without subtitles. The fanbase is global, it's ever increasing and it’s enough motivation for millions to learn this beautiful and soothing language.

Prosperous economy

Korea has the 12th most prosperous economy in the world. Where North Korea is known to end up in conflicts with other nations, South Korea is known to have friendly, peaceful and profitable relations with other Nations. Korea was one of the poorest countries in the mid-twentieth century but the development that this country has seen is astounding. Be rest assured when we tell you that its economy is only going to bloom more than it already has and learning korean today is only going to be beneficial in the near future.

Why Choose The Language House?

The Language House is here to offer you a fun and engaging curriculum which covers and deals with a wide array of topics.

Our courses and syllabuses are designed in a manner that enables the course participants to grasp and learn the language effortlessly. With supplementary worksheets and various learning activities (games, group-activities, discussions, quizzes, presentations, debates, role-play, brainstorming), we do away with the conventional teaching methods and promote an interactive, communicative and productive approach towards learning.

Our team consists of highly skilled Korean Tutors in Kharghar.  Having a team of skilled language experts allows us to offer flexible timings and different batch slots in accordance with the convenience of the participants.

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