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We’ve designed our French courses in a way that students get intrigued to learn more and more about the Language.  Our online courses are designed specially for working professionals and students who are not able to make it for classes in a brick and mortar kind of institute.  Add French to your CV and become more employable both professionally and personally. Learn French and fly with the feathers of French on your wings.


French Courses Offered

  • Intensive Course : 10 Weeks
  • Super Intensive Course : 5 Weeks
  • Weekend Course : 12 Weeks

  • Intensive Course : 10 Weeks
  • Super Intensive Course : 5 Weeks
  • Weekend Course : 12 Weeks

  • Intensive Course : 12 Weeks
  • Super Intensive Course : 6 Weeks
  • Weekend Course : 16 Weeks

  • Intensive Course : 10 Weeks
  • Super Intensive Course : 6 Weeks
  • Weekend Course : 15 Week

  • Intensive Course : 8 Weeks
  • Super Intensive Course : 4 Weeks
  • Weekend Course : 16 weeks

  • Intensive Course : 16 Weeks


The Test d’évaluation du français (TEF) is an international exam which is intended for non native speakers to measure their french proficiencies. The entire test consists of five modules : Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and Grammar. The Reading, Listening, Grammar and Vocabulary sections are mandatory and must be taken together, while the Writing and Speaking sections are optional and can be taken separately.

If you are applying for permanent residency in Quebec, you need to appear for TEFaQ which is the TEF accepted for Quebec.

advantages of learning French

Why should you learn French?

Spoken in 29+ countries

French is the officially recognised language of 29 countries and many other countries use French as their official language. If you speak French and want to immigrate to Canada, then the entire process of Immigration gets easier, as they prefer French speaking people.

Language of international relations

French is considered as the language of international relations, as French is one of the official languages of the United Nations, UNESCO, the EU, the International Olympic Committee, NATO, the Hague, and the International Red Cross. If you want a career in any of these places, you need to be proficient in French.


Knowledge of French could also offer innumerable educational and employment opportunities. Learning French could give you lot of opportunities like embassy jobs, jobs in tourism sector, teaching and translation jobs, jobs in MNC and Export-House.

tourism industry

Tourism industry is always a great option for French learners, as it can provide you with several opportunities. The French tongue can be utilized in the industry to assist the foreign traveler, communicate with French speaking-employees, and to work in French-speaking countries.

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The Language House offers you fun and engaging course material which covers and deals with a wide range of topics.

Our courses and syllabuses are designed in a manner that enables the course participants to grasp and learn the language effortlessly. With supplementary worksheets and various learning activities (games, group-activities, discussions, quizzes, presentations, debates, role-play, brainstorming), we do away with the conventional teaching methods and promote an interactive, communicative and productive approach towards learning.

Our French language faculty has a rich experience of 15+ years of teaching in various schools and universities. The experienced tutors are well qualified and even possess linguistic proficiencies.

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"Most Engaging French Classes In Navi Mumbai''
The Faculty has helped me immensely in getting good grades in TEF. I would highly recommend TLH because of their quality and service. They are undoubtedly best french classes in Kharghar and in Navi Mumbai
Pallavi Jhamble
"Best For TEF''
I never thought that I will be able to express myself in French in such a short span of time. The courses here are very intensive and the faculty is super creative and helpful.
Vaibhavi Ojale

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