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The Language House

The Language House Is A Renowned Teaching Institution In Navi Mumbai That Offers Specialised Foreign Language Training Courses Such As German, French, Japanese, Spanish And English. TLH Also Offers Exam Preparation Training For Various International Examinations Such As IELTS, TOEFL, Goethe Institute, Etc.​

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The Language House is here to offer you fun and engaging native material that covers and deals with a huge variety of topics.  Our courses and syllabuses are designed in such a way that the course participants get hundreds of worksheets to solve and all sorts of learning activities to do, so that learning can take place naturally and without putting in many efforts. Our creative visualisation techniques and didactic methodologies help you to grow fluent in a language right from the beginning.

We strongly believe that learning a language is not only about learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things. Our courses are thus less translation oriented and they are more about understanding the language with the help of synonyms and antonyms and words that you already know. We also conduct special literature sessions on weekends to enhance one’s knowledge on regional and cultural studies of the targeted language.  And our weekly test series and discussion-sessions help us in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the participants and our team guides them accordingly.

The Language House is the first institute in Mumbai that offers campus placement.  You can have an access to a lot of job opportunities in the corporate sector if you are proficient in any foreign language.  With your educational background and your language proficiency you can easily make your CV accepted in reputed firms like Siemens, Lufthansa, BMW, Nivea, Amazon etc. For the ones who want to study or work in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we offer free counselling for the same.

Our syllabuses are prepared using visualisation- techniques so that one can visualise what the teacher presents and hold something in one’s head very easily. We use a lot of self made PowerPoint presentations and Videos for the same. Our weekly recap-sessions help you to revise what you learn within a week. Once in a month we also conduct a special session on cultural and regional studies and this session in conducted by a native speaker.

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