Overseas Education

TLH is newly introducing Overseas Education Guidance for those seeking to pursue their Higher Studies internationally. 

Our services Include

Career Guidance

Helping you shortlist and choose a career path that piques your interest and best fits your existing qualifications.

Course & University Selection

Reviewing the applicant’s profile, finding and selecting the right course and university.

International Exam Preparation

Preparing the applicants for international exams like TOEFL, IELTS and GOETHE ZERTIFIKAT. We have special courses for the same, that you may apply for.

Country Selection

Choosing the best country for your desired courses, and something that is in line with your budget.

Application Guidance

Guaranteed A-Z application assistance. Researching the finest colleges and universities. Guiding you with your SOPs and LOMs which make the most important parts of your profile

Study Loan

Helping you with your financial planning. Financial counseling and guidance; discussing and suggesting best banks to opt for.






How are we different?

The Language House values the welfare and future of their applicants and candidates above all and therefore, prioritizes hassle-free transaction of applications. Unlike consultancies, We believe in guiding their applicants at a nominal fee that won’t cause a hole in your pockets.

We realize that the whole procedure could be intimidating for many and thus, assists you at each phase, be it Application review, SOPs, Researching colleges and universities, Opting for the best countries, Creating a block account, Looking up for the best study loans, Visa application, Availing reasonable flights, providing with basic accommodation information before and after arrival and much more

Why choose tLH?

We bring you a rather cost-effective, reliable and trustworthy guidance with extra services at just nominal fees.

Experienced and Qualified Team

We promise you a team with hands-on experience of overseas education. Our team ensures thorough guidance at every step and trouble free application of all our candidates.

Nominal Fee

Contrary to the norm of charging the applicants heavily, we only charges nominal fees for their services. We cater to the budget needs of our candidates and try our best to give them a good experience.

Before-during-after Guidance

We assure you an end-to-end guidance that doesn’t end at the successful application and acceptance from the universities. Our team is at your service before, during and after the application.

Frequently asked questions

There is no charge for the initial appointment. Our team will discuss all the possibilities and accordingly one can choose the plan.

The services extend to travel and accommodation guidance in different countries; TLH is at your service in cases where you have queries about travel and accommodation and do away with any inconveniences that one might otherwise would have to face, especially in foreign countries.

Visa is another such worrisome matter for most and we assure full guidance about the go-through with our Visa counseling. That however, doesn’t include getting a Visa done from the institute but is inclusive of the visa application and arranging appointments for the same, if the need be.

For any other queries. Contact Us