Multilingual Intelligence

Benefits of Learning German Language in India

We live in a multicultural, globalized world and the need for bilingual and multilingual individuals is increasing rapidly. Learning a foreign language can, in many ways, increase the number of career options available to us by an order of magnitude and can set us apart from monolingual peers.

Benifits of Multilingual Intelligence

Learning a foreign language has advantages beyond just learning the language. Learning a second language has been shown to significantly improve a person’s ability to think deeply and to make good decisions. It also improves memory, intelligence, concentration skills, boosts brainpower, and makes you more creative and multitask. Foreign languages can furthermore increase your attention span and perceptual sensitivity and help you understand the uniqueness and beauty of our own culture and our mother tongue.

Globalization has changed the face of the world. Government entities like the External Affairs Ministry, Tourism Department, Foreign National Embassy, etc., and thousands of other private firms are always in quest of those candidates who are proficient in foreign languages and they offer various job opportunities to such candidates.

 A foreign language helps us become more employable both professionally and personally.

It serves as a doorway to a world-class education system. Studying abroad is in trend today and students are well determined to put their feet into a foreign land and get better opportunities. Knowing a foreign language or the language of that particular country helps the students get along with the native speakers, learn about their culture, participate in the festivities and lead a better life.

Languages provide us with a scope of attaching ourselves to the customs and traditions and thereby share a few similarities with our own. Linguistic proficiency is always a plus. It enables and opens doors to varied opportunities. Choosing a language to learn can be quite confusing but if language is chosen keeping in mind which country is people prefer to go then it is an easy step. Language learning doesn’t only open dimensions to exploring, money and opportunities but is also worth much more. However, not just from a linguistic point of view, but also in terms of economic opportunities, networking potential, social benefits, and cultural gain, foreign languages are a worthwhile choice.

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