Steps to be followed before going to Germany 2023

Steps to be followed before going to Germany 2023

If the process of going to Germany from India seems a little too tiring, there is good news. We have listed simple steps that will help you to get started!

1. Learn German

This goes without saying. If you’re interested in going to Germany for study or work purposes then the primary requirement would be to learn the language. No matter what you might be doing (whether you’re in school, college or working). Enroll now for three free demo sessions.

2. Apply for a student visa

 Indian students need a student visa to study in Germany. You can apply for a student visa at the German Embassy or Consulate in India. For this, you must provide your passport, acceptance letter from a German university, proof of financial means, and health insurance.

3. Apply to a German university

 You can apply to a German university through their online admission portal or through Uni-Assist. Research the universities and programs that you are interested in and make sure to meet the admission requirements (which may vary from university to university).

4. Get health insurance

 Health insurance is mandatory for all students in Germany. You can purchase health insurance from a German insurance provider or a provider in India that is recognized by German authorities.

5. Arrange accommodation

 Arranging for your accommodation before arriving in Germany would be better than looking for it afterwards. You can book student housing or private accommodation online or through a travel agent.

6. Keep all these things handy

 Don’t forget to keep all the necessary documents, including your passport, student visa, acceptance letter from a German university, and health insurance.

7. Arrive in Germany

Once you arrive in Germany, follow the immigration process. You may be asked to show your passport, student visa, and health insurance. After clearing immigration, collect your baggage and proceed to your accommodation.

Once you arrive in Germany, make it a point to attend orientation sessions offered by various German universities for international students. This will definitely help you get more familiar with the university and the city, and also to socialize with other students.

If you want to learn more about Germany and its life follow the Video below.

Steps to be followed before going to Germany 2023

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